DoorFly wants to help make your first home buying experience a great one by offering you the following tips:

  • Don’t forget to set aside money for closing costs when budgeting out what you can afford. It’s typically 1-1/2 to 2 percent of the purchase price. That goes toward the land transfer tax and pays a lawyer.
  • When figuring out the price of a property, sometimes it makes more sense to look at the price of a house in terms of monthly payments instead of focusing on that big total purchase price.
  • Real estate never sleeps. If you’re trying to buy a hot property, you have to move quickly, or you could possibly lose it.
  • Sometimes people think that by starting really low they’ll end up with a better price on a house, but actually it usually works the opposite way. Meaning, that your first offer should be low but a reasonable enough offer to not offend the seller.
  • Properties in good shape are rare, and they don’t stay on the market for long. If you find one then snatch it up, but otherwise don't be too particular unless you want it to take a lot longer.
  • Carpet and paint can be easily changed so you really need to look past those items when you are trying to decide if a home will work for you.
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